Per Monstra ad Astra

Per Monstra ad Astra

Perfomative evening for the last opening day of the exhibition Per Monstra ad Astra
With artists Trapier-Duporté and Kerwin Rolland

Curated by Élodie Vitrano and Anaïs Lerendu
8th April 2016
Galerie Michel Journiac, Paris

These performances invite the visitor to re-consider the exhibition with new artistic proposals coming from two different universes. Kerwin Rolland and Trapier-Duporté’s duo offered, during a few hours, an “audito-gustatory” evening experience.

Trapier-Duporté, Surexposition
Either autonomous sculpture or sculpture to perform, the form of this object oscillates between the carrying case and a kind of light washing machine.Surexposition is a light oven where a (performing) poultry is cooking under 400 watts shipyards spots. The cooking beast in slow rotation is a hypnotic subject and the Surexposition performance is a magic lantern to look through and feel until the final outcome: a ballet of flesh.

Kerwin Rolland, Sonor Digestive Installation
This installation is based on infra low-frequencies made to massage the liver and the digestive tube. These frequencies are generated by a mechanic measure of the resonant frequency in the digestive organs.The sound vibration is transmitted to the body and acts as a light massage. The infra bass creates a unique soundscape for a superficial immersion, and allows to keep perfectly emerged the discussions, so clearly that it makes possible to forget the sound and enjoy the physical experience.The choice of infra pure bass excluding other forms of sound is also linked to the principle of attraction and repulsion, accorded to the thematic of Per monstra ad Astra. This type of low frequency is either (in most cases) well received, or is unbearable to the subject who is exposed to it.

Friday 8th April 2016

Galerie Michel Journiac
47 rue des Bergers
75015 Paris

© photos Alexandre Resende